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How to be an effective new BTEC Quality Nominee


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  • Date 1: CPDNEWBTECQN201 – 30th November 2020.
  • Date 2: CPDNEWBTECQN202 – 8th December 2020.
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How to be an effective new BTEC Quality Nominee:


This excellent one day CPD event is designed to support a new BTEC Quality Nominee as they embark upon their important quality assurance role. The Quality Nominee plays a vital role in BTEC Quality Assurance, responsible for the standards across all BTEC programme areas within their centre this role involves working effectively with Lead Internal Verifiers and all other BTEC teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure BTEC national standards are being met across the whole centre. This event will support delegates to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence, giving great opportunities to collect information and ask questions throughout the day.


Lunch, Refreshments And Resources:


All of our full day face to face CPD events are inclusive of lunch and refreshments. The resources that are provided during our sessions are also shared electronically with our delegates immediately after the CPD event has taken place.


Date & Venue:


  • Date 1: 30th November 2020 10 am – 1.30 pm
  • Date 2: 8th December 2020 10 am – 1.30 pm


Course Content:


  • Getting to grips with your role and responsibilities
  • Assessment planning across the centre
  • Internal Verification
  • Effectively monitoring all BTEC programmes
  • Getting the Lead Standards Verifier visit right
  • Sharing key messages with your team
  • Ensuring a consistent Quality Assurance process