GCSE PE – AQA, Complete lesson resource pack for use from September 2016 (Grade 9-1 Specification)



GCSE PE – AQA, Complete lesson resource pack for use from September 2016 (Grade 9-1 Specification)

A brand new resource for the GCSE PE AQA 2016 Grade 9-1 specification.

A comprehensive and engaging programme with resources that are interactive, extensive and can be edited by subject staff to meet the needs of individual learners and teachers.

This superb set of resources are written by an outstanding classroom practitioner with superb success rates will ensure that teachers have more time to assess student work and will save huge amounts of planning time.


Purchasing this resource in either Digital Link or USB version permits the user to give unlimited access to users from within their Centre.







Digital Link £109 | USB £129

Resource Features

Interactive animations to bring the content to life in class


Engaging activities to enhance teaching and learning


Covering all relevant topics from the GCSE PE AQA grade 1-9 specification


Fully editable and customisable


Written by an outstanding classroom practitioner with superb results year on year

Topics Included

The structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system


The structure and functions of the cardiorespiratory system


Anaerobic and aerobic exercise


The short- and long- term effects of exercise


Lever systems, examples of their use in activity and the Mechanical advantage they provide in movement


Planes and axes of movement


The relationship between health and fitness and the role that exercise plays in both


The components of Fitness, benefits for sport and how fitness is measured and improved


The principles of training and their application to personal exercise/ training programmes


How to optimise training and prevent injury


Effective use of warm up and cool down


Demonstrate an understanding of how data are collected – both qualitative and quantitative


Present data (including tables and graphs)


Analyse and evaluate data


Classification of skills (basic/ complex, open/closed)


The use of goal setting and SMART targets to improve and/or Optimise performance


Basic information processing


Guidance and feedback on performance


Mental preparation for performance


Engagement patterns of different social groups in physical activity and sport


Commercialisation of physical activity and sport


Ethical and socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport


Physical, emotional and social health, fitness and well-being


The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle


Energy use, diet, nutrition and hydration


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