BTEC Sport Level 2 and 3 Pack (QCF)



BTEC Sport, (BTEC First and BTEC National) Learning Resource Pack

BTEC Sport (QCF) Level 2 and 3 Pack

We have both Full-unit assignment briefs and PowerPoints covering content for both the Level 2 and 3 Sport (2010) specifications.

These resources are of an excellent standard and have been quality assured by Senior Examiners leaving you to enjoy your evenings, weekends and holidays without having to plan lots of new resources.


The level 2 and 3 BTEC Sport pack is available as either a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD LINK or as a USB.

Digital Link £135 + VAT. PRODUCT CODE: SP2010L3SSDL.





Digital Link £135 | USB £170

Level 2 Units currently available include: Unit 1 Fitness Testing and Training, Unit 2 Practical Sport, Unit 3 OAA, Unit 4 Anatomy and Physiology, Unit 5 Injury in Sport, Unit 7 Planning and leading, Unit 8 Technical skills and tactical awareness, Unit 9 Psychology, Unit 10 Nutrition, Unit 11 Development of personal fitness, Unit 12 Lifestyle and sports performance, Unit 13 Work experience, Unit 14 Exercise and fitness instruction, Unit 18 Effects of exercise, Unit 20 Planning and running a sports event.  


Level 3 Units available include: Units 1 Anatomy and Physiology, 2 The physiology of fitness, 3 Assessing risk in sport, 4 Fitness training and programming , 5 Sports Coaching, 6 Sports Development, 7 Fitness testing, 8 Practical team sports, 9 Practical individual sports, 10 OAA, 11 Sports Nutrition, 12 Current issues , 13 Leadership in sport , 14 Exercise, health and lifestyle, 15 Instructing physical activity and exercise, 16 Exercise for specific groups, 17 Psychology, 18 Sports Injuries, 19 Analysis of Sports Performance, 20 Talent Identification and Development in Sport, 22 Rules, regulations and officiating, 23 Organising sports events, 24 Physical Education and the care of children and young people, 25 Sport as a business, 26 Work experience, 27 Technical and tactical skills and 28 The Athlete’s lifestyle.   Full Unit assignment briefs and Powerpoint presentations for the Unit Content for Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC Sport are available as part of the Sports Resources Package. It is possible to subscribe to the resources through a number of different packages depending upon whether you require both Level 2 and 3 and upon the number of units that you require.  

Product Samples

A sample of an assignment brief can be VIEWED HERE.

A sample of a PowerPoint presentation can be VIEWED HERE.

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