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BTEC Quality Nominee – Ensuring excellence in BTEC programmes


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  • Date 1: CPDBTECENEP201 – 1st February 2021.
  • Date 2: CPDBTECENEP202 – 25th January 2021.
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Date 1
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BTEC Quality Nominee – Ensuring excellence in BTEC programmes:


A brand new full day CPD course. The BTEC Quality Nominee plays a key role in ensuring BTEC programmes across a centre reach their full potential. Ultimately, the BTEC Quality Nominee is responsible for the quality and certification of all BTEC programmes across a centre. The role of Quality Nominee often adds additional pressure to staff who have a busy timetable. However, we can show you how to ensure excellence can be achieved in this critical role, regardless of the size of the centre.


Lunch, Refreshments And Resources:


All of our full day face to face CPD events are inclusive of lunch and refreshments. The resources that are provided during our sessions are also shared electronically with our delegates immediately after the CPD event has taken place.


Date & Venue:


  • Date 1: 1st February 2021 10 am – 1.30 pm
  • Date 2: 25th January 202110 am – 1.30 pm


Course Content:


  • Being sure of the role and key responsibilities
  • Effective BTEC administration to ensure learner success
  • Planning the vocational year
  • Maximising the performance of Lead Internal Verifiers
  • Effectively monitoring and supporting staff
  • Key signposts to support all staff
  • Getting the Lead Standards Verifier activities right