BTEC Basics – Delivering BTEC for the first time with confidence


Booking Codes:


  • Online Date 1: CPDBTECBAS222 – 2nd November 2021
  • Online Date 2: CPDBTECBAS224 – 22nd November 2021


BTEC Basics – Delivering BTEC for the first time with confidence:


A brand new online CPD course . This one day event is designed to support staff who have very little or no previous experience of delivering and assessing a BTEC programme. BTECs are fantastic qualifications for the right learners. When delivered correctly these courses can have a positive impact on the motivation, enthusiasm and engagement of students. These qualifications also have a positive impact on attainment in the “open” basket. This course will instill confidence in staff and ensure that the qualifications are delivered effectively from the beginning of the programme.


Online CPD:


The resources that are provided during our sessions are also shared electronically with our delegates immediately after the CPD event has taken place.




  • Online Date 1: 2nd November 2021 10 am – 1.30 pm
  • Online Date 2: 22nd November 2021 10 am – 1.30 pm


Course Content:


  • The importance of induction for BTEC success
  • Tackling externally assessed units
  • Mapping out a programme to suit Centre needs
  • Using assignment briefs to effectively guide learners
  • Effective assessment for BTEC
  • Keeping on top of learner progress
  • Getting to grips with internal verification
  • Effective BTEC paperwork and administration