GCSE PE Key Areas League Table

This guest post was written by Simon Bradbury @PeBrado. Looking at my Year 10 GCSE PE class cohort over the summer holiday I noticed that it was particularly boy heavy (we teach mixed sex theory lessons and some practical lessons at my school) with 25 students in the class and 19 of them being male. As in probably most schools there are a few students on there that I am thinking “Why have they picked PE,” but again like most PE cohorts there are some students on there whose behaviour and in particular their punctuality can sometimes let them down. So this year I thought I would trial a league system based on a number of areas, which I believe to be key to give the students every success of getting that C grade or better. I created a poster on Comic Life, which will be displayed in my classroom and in the practical areas, which you can see below. The idea is that students will be awarded points during GCSE PE lessons in the following areas: punctuality, kit, homework, behaviour, progress and extra curricular. Punctuality and behaviour points will be awarded every lesson, homework points when it is set, progress points at the end of each tracking and extra-curricular points at the end of each week. Students points will be displayed in a league table format in my classroom and I will use the students pictures from SIMS as their marker. I will update the points at the beginning of each week so students know how they are performing. I hope this will help motivate the students and encourage them to be on time, organised and ready to learn every lesson. I also hope that it will improve the quality and the importance of homework as well as the importance of the practical element in terms of commitment to extra-curricular clubs. Although I will keep a running total throughout the year I will reset the points every half term so students do not lose interest. I also think it will be good to email home to parents and show at parents evenings particularly for those students who have finished in the top four of the class and the bottom three. I will write another guest blog at the end of the autumn term to let you know how it has gone. Please feel free to get in touch if you want a copy of the poster. I would also be interested to know if anyone has done something similar with a class. Simon Bradbury GCSE PE League Table


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